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We Are Never Ever Forgetting These Taylor Swift Inspired Halloween Puns.

What’s spookier than a haunted house? Not having an arsenal of Taylor Swift-themed Halloween puns! Worry not, because we’re just about to fill your swiftie Halloween bag with some giggle inducing, pun-laden Taylor goodness.

Taylor Swift puns sayings from songs

Any Swift fan knows that Taylor’s lyrics are as catchy as a spider’s web. Songs like “Shake It Off” or “Blank Space” tempt you to dance, but also make great Halloween sayings. Picture this, arriving at a Halloween party and declaring, “Are we out of the spooky woods yet?” Or as you don that witch’s hat, proclaiming, “Darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a day-witch.”

Let’s turn the dial up a notch and remix some Tay-Tay classics into bone-tickling puns. Remember “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”? How about, “We are never, ever, ever, going in that haunted house!” Or take “I Knew You Were Trouble” and turn it into, “I knew you were a goblin when you walked in.” Let’s not forget about “Bad Blood” – “Now we’ve got cobwebs, you know it used to be mad love.” These puns, when dropped at the right moment, are sure to cause screams… of laughter, that is.

Taylor Swift pumpkin carving

When you think of Halloween, pumpkins naturally whizz into your mind. In Swiftie style, your regular pumpkin carving exercise can morph into an expressive “Taylor Swiftkin” carving session. Imagine carving out Taylor’s iconic ’13’ on a plump orange pumpkin, or her adorable Meredith and Olivia to give your jack-o-lanterns a Swiftie illumination. And for the daring ones, how about carving a “Teardrops on my Guitar” themed pumpkin, only this time, the teardrops can be pumpkin seeds?

Taylor Swift puns for birthday

Turning the music up for a swiftie birthday, Taylor puns can add an extra dash of quirky fun. “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling BOO!” could be a Halloween-birthday-party anthem. Greeting the birthday girl or boy with “You’re the King Ghost, baby I’m you’re queen” while handing over a creepy-cute ghost-shaped gift will surely send them into fits of laughter.

The Best 46 Taylor Swift Puns

  1. It’s a love Swift-uation.
  2. I’m feeling 22, Swiftly.
  3. Just shake it off and move Swiftly on.
  4. This pun is as Fearless as Taylor Swift.
  5. T-Swift’s puns are a real Speak Now moment.
  6. When she agreed to perform, she said “Swiftly, I will be there.”
  7. This game just got a Swift kick into high gear.
  8. Before I knew you, everything was Red, now everything is Swift.
  9. More fun than a Taylor Swift concert.
  10. It’s time we Swift things up around here.
  11. Swift recovery to you!
  12. Let’s make a Swift exit.
  13. Swift and easy.
  14. I can’t shake off these Swift puns.
  15. Don’t blame me, love made me do it, says Swiftly.
  16. Swift service for a quick solution.
  17. This meal is Swiftly excellent, like Taylor’s songs.
  18. In my Wildest Dreams, I never thought this Swift would happen.
  19. So Swift, so Fearless.
  20. Repu-tation never gets in the way of these puns.
  21. Give me some Swift chocolate please.
  22. Swift to the rescue!
  23. We are never ever getting back together, like ever…says Swiftly Pack up your stuff.
  24. Swift like a jet.
  25. Having a cleanup? Don’t forget to shake it off, Taylor Swift style.
  26. Didn’t they tell us not to rush, but we did it Swiftly.
  27. Swift as the wind.
  28. Did you hear the joke about the clock? It’s about “time” Taylor Swift wrote a song about it.
  29. Read this pun and get “Red” of boredom Swiftly.
  30. Just because it’s punny doesn’t mean it’s forever, unless it’s a Taylor Swift pun.
  31. Don’t talk to me – I’m in a Swift daze.
  32. Getting a Bad Blood with these puns? Take a dose of Swift.
  33. Blank Space in your schedule? Fill it with some Taylor Swift puns.
  34. From Teardrops to Laughter Sparks – thanks to T.Swift’s humor.
  35. Get your Swift on!
  36. These puns are so good, they’re almost a “Love Story” like Taylor’s.
  37. Mean people got you down? Shake them off, Swift style.
  38. I Swiftly conclude this pun is hilarious.
  39. Just Swift and see!
  40. Keep it Swift and simple.
  41. Swiftly charming, like Taylor’s songs.
  42. Can’t stop laughing at Taylor Swift puns.
  43. Going out with a bang Swift-style.
  44. Swiftly resolving matters.
  45. Swift thinking leads to quick solutions.
  46. Feeling down? Just shake it off, Swift style!

In conclusion, Halloween or “HalloTayWeen” comes but once a year. So why not bring together your love for spookiness and TayTay and create a symphony of laughter that echoes long after the night ends. Taylor Swift-themed puns and sayings not only boost the fun of Halloween but add a lighthearted charm to birthdays too. Laughing with Swift is easy; after all, we’re taking our cues from the Queen of fun herself, Ms. Taylor Swift. It’s time to ‘Swiftify’ your Halloween and make it truly unforgettable!

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