Nut Puns – The Best 37 Puns

What are Nut Puns?

Nut jokes are a and silly kind of humour that revolves around puns and wordplay related to the word “nut”. They are typically told between friends and family, but can also be used in conversations with strangers. It’s no wonder that nut jokes have been around for so many years! In this scenario, it’s a sunny Saturday morning and a group of friends are out for breakfast at a popular diner. Someone suddenly has the brilliant idea to start telling nut jokes, and before you know it the entire diner is filled with laughter as each nut joke is funnier than the last.

Different Types of Nut Puns

  • Fruit and Nut Puns: These puns involve comparing a fruit to a nut. For example, “He’s not a nut, he’s a cashew!”.
  • Nut Character Puns: These puns involve making jokes about a famous person or character. For example, “Derek Walnut always cracks me up”.
  • Nut Shop Puns: These puns involve making jokes about a nut shop. For example, “I went to the nut shop and the cashier said, ‘What kind of nuts do you want?'”.
  • Nut Animal Puns: These puns involve making jokes about animals and their relationship to nuts. For example, “What do you call a squirrel that loves peanuts? A peanutter!”
  • Nut Object Puns: These puns involve making jokes about objects. For example, “I was looking for a nutcracker, but all I found was a screwdriver”.

Examples of Nut Puns

Examples of nut jokes are things like “Why did the squirrel cross the road? To get to the nut house!” or “Why did the walnut go to school? To get a good shell-f-education!” As the friends take turns sharing their nut jokes, everyone’s smiles get bigger, and the diner is filled with good cheer. It’s clear that nut jokes will never go out of style.

  1. What kind of nut wears glasses when it reads? A book-cashew.
  2. Why don’t peanuts have many friends? Because he’s so shellfish!
  3. Did you hear about the tree that taught a nut how to climb? It was giving him some excellent coaching nuts.
  4. Why couldn’t the squirrel find her way out of the tree? She was a little nut lost.
  5. What did the pecan say after being crushed? I’m shell shocked!
  6. How can you tell if an acorn is shy? He is always looking down and nut peeking.
  7. I might be nuts, but I’m no crazy nut!
  8. Why does a walnut always laugh when it’s in the forest? Because of all the nutty jokes!
  9. I wonder what kind of nut changes the most? Probably a mood-doughnut!
  10. Why did the nut go to the hospital? He had a bad cashew attack!
  11. What did the walnut say when it lost its shell? I’m feeling a little nutty!
  12. What did the almond say after winning the race? I’m nuts about winning!
  13. Why did the walnut go to the dentist? He was sound a little tooth-rash.
  14. What did the almond say when it broke out of its shell? Finally, I’m free the be nut-me!
  15. What do you call a nut who is always late? A procashewrn.
  16. Did you hear about the nut who challenged someone to a fight? He was feeling a little nutty!
  17. Where do you find a nut who loves to dance? Pea-nut floor!
  18. Why did the walnut get invited to the party? He was a real party-nut!
  19. Why did the hazelnut go to the beach? She wanted to get some sandy nuts!
  20. Why did the nut run away from the orchard? He didn’t want to be picked!
  21. I heard the walnut was a real gambler. He was always playing for nuts!
  22. Why did the pecan become a rapper? He was a real shell shocker!
  23. What kind of nut loves traveling? A walnut, because he’s so globe-trotting.
  24. What did the nut say after eating his lunch? That was a-peeling!
  25. Why was the almond cookie so sad? He was feeling a little crumby.
  26. What did the nut say when he lost his voice? I’ve gone and gone nuts!
  27. Why did the barista refuse to make the nut’s coffee? He said, ‘It’s against our shell-ter!’
  28. What did the nut say after graduating? I’m nuts about success!
  29. Why don’t the nuts like being in the forest? It’s a little too nutty!
  30. Why did the nut never get invited to parties? He was a real nutcase!
  31. Why did the nut move to the city? He wanted a nut-urban life!
  32. What did the nut say after being fired? Now I’m a nut of leisure!
  33. What did the almond say after graduating high school? I’m feeling nu-smart!
  34. What did the walnut say when it saw snow for the first time? I’m blowing my mind!
  35. Why did the nut crawl into a hole? He wanted to get out of the shell game!
  36. Why did the nut climb the tree? He was feeling a little nutty!
  37. What did the nut say when it was asked how old it was? I’m feeling my age-nuts!

How to Create Nut Puns and Use Them Effectively in Conversations and Texts

You can use nut puns to bring comedy and lightheartedness to conversations or text messages. But don’t overdo it! Make sure you keep it light and humorous instead of overwhelming. To use puns effectively in conversations, think of a situation the pun relates to first. Once you have a situation, use the pun to make it funny. For example, talking about student stress levels could become: * “Student life is just one shell of a nutty experience!” You can also use puns in text messages to add some fun to conversations. Remember to not use too many puns or it may get annoying.


Nut puns can provide a hilarious twist to conversations and texts. To make puns, use words related to nuts and combine them with other words that sound similar. When using puns, remember to keep it light and avoid using too many puns. Have fun!

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