Arab Puns – The Best 35 Puns

Arabic is a Pun language. Puns are words that have double meanings. For example, the word “bint” can mean “girl” or “daughter.” So if someone says, “I have two daughters,” they could also be saying, “I have two girls.” Puns are often used in Arabic poetry and literature. They are also used in everyday conversation.

Humor is a common thread that ties together people of all cultures, and Arabs are no exception. In fact, Arabs have a long tradition of using puns and other forms of wordplay to make people laugh.

One Arab pun that is particularly popular is the use of the word “qat” to mean both “cat” and “chat.” This pun is often used to make jokes about how cats like to chat with each other.

Another popular Arab pun is the use of the word “habibi” to mean both “my love” and “my friend.” This pun is often used to make jokes about how close friends can be like lovers.

Protein Sheikh
  1. Why don’t Arabs put ice in their drinks? Because they can’t find the camels.
  2. Why don’t Arabs smile in their photographs? Because they know that oil prices might go down.
  3. How do Arabs get around in the sand? On their Magic Carpets!
  4. Why did the Arab cross the road? To get to the other sand dune!
  5. Why did the Arab visit the doctor? Because he was feeling a little bit off! 6. Why did the Arab lose his job? Because he couldn’t find oil!
  6. Why are Arabs so good at math? Because they have a lot of experience with numbers!
  7. Why did the Arab cross the road? To get to the other side!
  8. Why did the Arab take a bath? Because he was dirty!
  9. Why did the Arab buy a camel? Because he was thirsty!
  10. If an Arab’s wife divorces him, does he have to pay her Alimony? 2. I’m not racist, I have Arab friends… on Facebook.
  11. Arabs always ask me “How many wives do you have?” I always reply “Enough.”
  12. Arabs are always asking me “How many camels do you have?” I always reply “Enough.” 1. I’m not Arab, but I’ll still take a Camel for a ride.
  13. I’m not Arab, but I can still belly dance.
  14. I’m not Arab, but I can still enjoy a cup of tea.
  15. I’m not Arab, but I can still navigate my way around a city.
  16. I hear the population in Dubai is growing by leaps and bounds!
  17. I was driving through the desert and I ran out of gas. I guess that’s what you get for Arabian nights.
  18. Why don’t Arabs like to play soccer? Because every time they get a corner, they’re able to take a nap.
  19. What do you call an Arab businessman? A Sheikh of the deals.
  20. Why don’t Arabs ever go to the beach? Because they’re afraid of getting crabs.
  21. Why are Arabs always so thirsty? Because they live in a sand desert.
  22. Why are Arabs always late for appointments? Because they have to stop and pray along the way.
  23. Why did the Arab cross the road? To get to the other sand dune.
  24. Why are Arabs always getting lost in the desert? Because they can’t find their camels.
  25. How do you know an Arab is lying to you? His lips are moving.
  26. What’s the difference between an Arab and a vampire? One drinks O-negative blood, and the other drinks O-riental.
  27. How many Arabs does it take to screw in a light bulb? Two – one to do it, and one to hold the camel.
  28. Why are Arabs so bad at math? Because they can’t count past three – camel, camel, camel.
  29. Why did the Arab turn down the job at the gum company? Because he couldn’t stick to it.
  30. Why was the Arab thrown out of the nightclub? Because he was dancing like there was no tomorrow.
  31. Why don’t Arabs ever eat at McDonald’s? Because they can’t find a camel big enough to go through the drive thru.
  32. What’s an Arab’s favorite flavor of ice cream? Camel Tracks!
  33. Why are Arabs so good at making predictions? Because they have a palm-reader on every corner.
  34. Why are Arabs always talking about money? Because it’s all they have.
  35. How can you tell if an Arab is rich? He has two wives.

So next time you’re looking for a way to make your Arab friends laugh, don’t be afraid to bust out a pun or two. They’ll definitely appreciate your efforts.

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