Puns of Anarchy: Hilarious twist of pun-making and card game

Puns of Anarchy, which in its own words is An Outrageous Pun-Making Party Game, has been created by two pun lovers Evan and Josh. They say that punning is a way of life and their game is a must-try for any pun-lovers. It has reached the pledged of US$ 10,000 goal on KickStarter.

I love how they’ve created a fun board game full of rapid-fire pun-making. You can write on cards where are prewritten jokes about bands, movies, and famous things. Now it is fully funded and we expect it to be released soon. Goold luck guys.

We did it! Puns of Anarchy is fully funded! …
To celebrate, here are some puns about old people (sorry, Grandma).

Evan Katz

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