Best 15 Doodle Puns (Drawings and Illustrations)

Here are some doodle puns to have fun with. They are as usual a short one-liners hand-drawn or illustrated on various items from the web.

lettuce doodle
If there is any problem, please lettuce know.
aloe vera doodle
Aloe you vera much.
beets doodle
Dropping beets.
thyme doodle
How thyme flies.
succulent doodle
Life would succ without you.
squid doodle
You gota be squiddin me.
nuts doodle
Nuts about you.
fawn doodle
I’m very fawned of you.
lava doodle
I lava you.
dill doodle
Yep, I think you’re a pretty big dil.
kiwi doodle
You hold the kiwi to my heart.
bean doodle
Where you bean all my life.
seal doodle
I approve.
snake doodle
I have a knot on my stomach.
chili doodle
I’m a little chili.

I will add more doodle puns and I stumble them across.

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