February Puns – The Best 42 Puns

February puns are hilarious! They’re made up of clever words and phrases that make you laugh! They can be puns on the name “February,” like “When Febuary comes around, I’m full of cheer!” or puns about things that happen in February, like “I ate my Valentine’s Day candy in Febuary—it was a sweet success!” With a little creativity, February puns can be the most fun jokes around!

What are February Puns?

February puns are quite similar to the funny February jokes that use words and phrases related to the month of February. They often involve puns or plays on words based on events that happen in February, like Valentine’s Day and the start of spring. These puns are typically lighthearted and can range from being silly to clever. Some widely used February puns include asking to borrow a “February” the same way someone might ask to borrow a “fiver,” replacing the word “nice” with the phrase “nice-ruary” and combining the words February and February with puns such as “Febre-colder” and “Feverbu-ruary.”

February puns

Examples of February Puns

  1. Valentines is much sweeter when you date a treat – sorry, I mean a mate.
  2. February can feel like a long month, but if you take it one day at a time you’ll get through it.
  3. Valen-Tsine’s day – a day celebrating love, Tsines, and puns.
  4. When you’re excited for a leap year, does that make you a February phile?
  5. February – the month of spare ribbing.
  6. I love February, it’s a time for me to re-february my life.
  7. Groundhog Day? More like Grundhog PUNday.
  8. What did one snowflake say to February? “Breeeeezzzee”.
  9. What did one sandal say to the other in February? “Nice to fur you again”.
  10. What did the shrimp say when the whale left in February? Don’t sea-n you later.
  11. Why did the February calendar page turn? Because it had its doubts.
  12. Why did the gazelle skip February? Too many fawns.
  13. Why don’t chickens like February? Too much coop-etition.
  14. A February blizzard is just a snow cone in overdrive.
  15. February isn’t always a whirlwind of excitement, it’s just windy.
  16. Getting an extra day in February is a gift that keeps on giving.
  17. Weather in February? Willy nilly.
  18. Why is the groundhog so cool in February? Because he knows all the seasonal puns.
  19. Why did the bee not show up for February? She had her hive-days.
  20. Why did the owl love February? He had a hooting good time.
  21. Why don’t ostriches like February? Too egg-cited.
  22. What did the bee say to the beekeeper in February? “A hive five”.
  23. Why was the cactus so happy in February? He was on cloud cact-us.
  24. What did the tree say when February arrived? “Bud joke’s on you”.
  25. Why did the whale leave in February? He was to-whale-y done.
  26. Why did the squirrels cross into February? To get to the other side.
  27. Why did the chicken cross the road in February? To get to the other flock.
  28. What did the dog say when his owner asked him to take a walk in February? Let’s take a pawse.

The History and Origin of February Puns

February puns have a long and interesting history. While puns are known to have existed for thousands of years, it wasn’t until the 16th century that people began to see the play on words as a form of art. During the Italian Renaissance, artists, scholars, and poets crafted quips and jokes that used wordplay to create clever images. This practice would eventually spread around Europe, sparking the interest of many who would come to appreciate the art of punning. February puns, specifically, are derived from the Latin words “februa,” referring to the month, and “laetus,” meaning joy. Thus, when combined, these words form a jocular phrase—literally bringing joy and laughter to the world.

Puns for Valentine’s Day

  1. If you want to win my heart, you’ll need to be arrow-gant!
  2. My heart is skip-ping a beat for you this Valentine’s Day!
  3. Your love bowl-ed me over.
  4. I’m your biggest fan-tasy come true.
  5. Love has me all a-flutter.
  6. Be my valen-steak!
  7. I love you from the bot-tom of my heart.
  8. We make a perfect pear.
  9. You light up my life like a candle in the dark.
  10. You have my heart, locked and key-hole!
  11. I’m smitten for your love.
  12. Together, we’re mint to be.
  13. I’m cuckoo for you.
  14. I wouldn’t take a fancy to anyone else!


That’s it! We have come to the end of our exploration of February puns. We hope you have had as much fun reading February puns as we did writting them! There is no doubt that puns can add a level of whimsicality and quirkiness to any conversation. Regardless if you are having a serious discussion or passing the time with friends, puns are the perfect way to bring a smile to someone’s face. So next time you want to make your friends and family laugh, why not throw out a few February puns? We are sure you won’t regret it!

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