Tuesday Puns – The Best 35 Puns

Don’t worry bee happy every Tuesday. Tuesdays as the second day of the week are usually not so tiring as Mondays but still, you don’t know. So no matter if Tuesday will get even crazier than Monday have some morning with our collection of best Tuesday puns.

It’s Tuesday and that can only mean one thing: time for some Tuesday puns! Tuesdays are always a struggle, but this person makes the best of it by reading Tuesday puns to anyone who will listen.

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It was Tuesday morning and I was getting the kids ready for school when my husband came in and said he had to go into work and would be gone all day. I had planned on going to the grocery store and getting some things done around the house, but with the kids it would be too much. So, I decided to just have some fun reading “tuesday puns” jokes to other people. I found a few and read them aloud to the kids. They laughed and thought they were funny. I even found one that I laughed at. It was a nice break from the mundane tasks of the day.

  1. I always thought Ruby Tuesday was by the Beatles, turns out it’s by the Cinnabon.
  2. It is nacho average taco Tuesday
  3. Why is there less air travel on Tuesdays? Because you’re supposed Tuesday on the ground.
  4. I started taking our taco ingredients to make nachos on my plate when my kids started yelling “BUT IT’S TACO TUESDAY!” To which I replied “This is nacho average Taco Tuesday”
  5. How do you know the work week will get even crazier after Monday and Tuesday? Because all that’s left is WTF.
  6. Monday: Greg. Tuesday: Ian: Wednesday: Greg. Thursday: Ian. Friday: Greg – A GregOrIan calendar
  7. It’s safe to say Pancake Tuesday has really… Crêpe’d up on me this year
  8. What explains “Sleepy Joe’s” explosion of success on Super Tuesday, after never having won a primary in multiple previous campaigns? He was Biden his time.
  9. No adulting Tuesday for me!!!!!!!!! You’re kidding…
  10. It’s Super Tuesday – I choose soup
  11. A man got his back severely injured last Tuesday. In court, defense won. Prosecution did have anything to back up their claims.
  12. Why can’t Superman eat the corn tortillas at taco Tuesday? He’s afraid of that chip tonight.
  13. I know a lot of you are sad because it’s a Tuesday. But don’t forget, only 72 hours ago, it was a sadder day.
  14. It is Super Tuesday I choose soup
  15. My wife forgot to order her absentee ballot for Super Tuesday. I said we ought to drive down to Georgia, but we also have to get back to where we live shortly thereafter. Looks like it’s going to be a turn and Bern.
  16. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Those were the days…
  17. How can people like Tuesday? By thinking that it is the farthest from the coming Monday.
  18. What do a Tuesday morning and a stress ball have in common? They both are less busy than a Monday morning.
  19. What does it mean when you wake up on Tuesday morning? That you made it though another Monday!
  20. What is the case of a bad Monday called on a Tuesday? It is just a pre-existing condition.
  21. Why did the vegetable salad say to a fruit juice on a Tuesday morning? “They say it is our day, TossedDay!”
  22. What’s the scariest day of the week? Boo’s-Day.
  23. Why did the employee leave the office on a Tuesday morning? Because his boss said, ‘Have a good day’.
  24. When did Sherlock Holmes solve the mystery? On a Cluesday.
  25. Why did the employee worry about his Friday being ruined? Because it was still Tuesday morning.
  26. When should you never annoy a lawyer? On a Suesday.
  27. Why are mints necessary for meals during Tuesday mornings? Because they back you up with an encourage-mint to reach the weekend.
  28. Why was everyone looking for Lipton? It was Teasday.
  29. What do you call a Tuesday for people who forget to set their morning alarm clock? Snooze-day.
  30. Why don’t people differentiate between Monday and Tuesday morning? Because for them Tuesday morning is just as similar to Mondays.
  31. Nothing ruins your Friday more than realizing it is only Tuesday.
  32. Which day of the week do golfers like the most? Tee-sday
  33. Why did the Mexican restaurant get such a great review on Tuesday night? It was nacho average Taco Tuesday!
  34. What did the executioner say on a Tuesday morning? It’s time to beheaded to work.
  35. On which day of the week is it the hardest to lie? Truthsday.

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