Easter Puns – The Best 55 Puns

Hey everyone! Easter is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for a way to have a good time, why not try Easter puns? You know — those jokes that play on the words “Easter” and all the things like eggs and bunnies that we associate with the holiday? They’re hilarious and sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Try some out this Easter season to spice up the festivities. Make it even more fun by trying to come up with your own punny Easter jokes! That’s sure to get the party going!

Types of Easter Puns

Easter puns are a fun way to add humour to your holiday celebrations! Puns are when a phrase is used that has a double meaning. There are many different types of Easter puns. For example, there are food puns like “I’m eggcited” or “lettuce celebrate Easter”. Animal puns are popular too like “Eggcelent bunny” and “happy hare-iday”. You could also make puns about Easter egg hunts with sayings such as “Hunt and peck for your Easter eggs” or “you easter-ly need to find all the eggs!” No matter how you choose to celebrate Easter, a festive pun or two is sure to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones!

Funny Easter Puns

Easter Puns
  1. A chicken lays an egg, does it make a cluck?
  2. It’s time to get serious, what time is it? It’s time for Easter!
  3. You may not have seen the Easter Bunny, but you can always trust its eggs-planation.
  4. Go ahead hop to it, it’s Easter time.
  5. What did the bunny give the Easter Egg? A pinch on its cheek!
  6. Easter Bunny’s favorite candy? Marshmallow Peeps, of course!
  7. I tried eating Easter eggs with chopsticks, but I quickly yoked!
  8. What do bunnies do on fluffy Easter morning? They take hare-o-s!
  9. I always like to tell Easter jokes when the timing is a-peeling!
  10. Did you hear about the egg that went to the Easter party? It had a shell of a good time!
  11. I was going to give my rabbits a special treat for Easter, but they wouldn’t stop hoppin’ around.
  12. What did the Easter Egg say when it saw itself in the mirror? Shelled-o!
  13. Easter eggs have to have tough shells because they are laid in the springtime.
  14. Why did the Easter bunny go to the mall? To get egg-stra candy!
  15. You better hide your eggs quickly, the Easter Bunny will hop by soon!
  16. What do you call Easter when you are a beginner? Easterlite!
  17. Why couldn’t the Easter eggs hold back? They cracked up with laughter!
  18. A friend of mine was an Easter egg hunt champion, but he had too many shells.
  19. May your Easter be egg-ceptional!
  20. Don’t worry if you can’t find all the eggs, the Easter Bunny has a shell-f system!

Easter Puns for Kids

  1. There’s a bunny-mon in my garden! He’s been hop-timistic all year!
  2. Who laid the golden egg? A chick, of course!
  3. I can’t count how many Easter eggs I’ve seen, but I can count the number of hare-y days!
  4. The Easter Bunny looks like a marshmallow– except for his bunny ears!
  5. I’m so egg-cited for Easter!
  6. I hope my Easter basket has a chocolate nest inside!
  7. Easter isn’t complete without a basketful of hop-tastic goodies!
  8. This Easter, let’s have fun and get hoppin’!
  9. Too many Easter eggs and you’ll have egg-cessive energy!
  10. An Easter basket is an awesome way to graze-ify your lunch!
  11. The Easter Bunny is so fluffy! He must have a hare-tage of cottonball tails!
  12. Eggstra special Easter decorations? Yes, please!
  13. Can you tell the difference between a normal egg and one laid by a chick? A normal egg is a shelled surprise!
  14. Let’s get hopping and make some festive Easter crafts!
  15. Look out for the Easter Bunny! He’s always lurkin’ around this time of the year!

Easter Jokes & Riddles

  1. What did the rabbit say when its friend asked if it was ready for Easter? It said, “I’m egg-static!”
  2. What do you get when you mix 50 eggs and an electric mixer? A lot of scrambled thoughts!
  3. Why do chickens have fingers? To make egg-cellent drumsticks!
  4. What kind of soup can you make with Easter eggs? Egg-cellent soup!
  5. What did the Easter Bunny say when someone asked him how eggs were laid? He said, “One cluck at a time!”
  6. What do you get when two Easter bunnies race? A “hare-raiser”!
  7. Why did the Easter Bunny go to the salon? To get a hare-cut!
  8. Where do Easter bunnies go to eat? The Rabbit Buffet!
  9. What did one egg say to the other? “Welcome to the o-melet!”
  10. What do you get when you drop an Easter egg? A scrambled mess!
  11. How does the Easter Bunny know when the party is going to start? He hops to it!
  12. What did the Easter Bunny say when he got to the egg-hunt? “Let the hunt egg-sin!”
  13. What did the Easter Bunny say when it saw a Easter chicken? “That’s one egg-straordinary creature!”
  14. How do bunnies like their eggs? Un-fur-tunately!
  15. What do Easter bunnies eat for breakfast? Eggs-ellent toast!
  16. What did the bird say to the Easter Bunny? “How-egg-you doing?”
  17. Why can’t Easter bunnies tell the future? They don’t have crystal eggs!
  18. What did the Easter Bunny say when the egg cracked? “Oh no, a shelled shocker!”
  19. What did the Easter eggs say when they got beat in a race? “We weren’t egg-specting that!”
  20. What did the egg plant say when the Easter Bunny asked it a question? “I’m feeling a little egg-stremely tired.”


Lastly, now that you have gone through this post and have learned a range of Easter puns, you have the capability to spruce up your conversations this upcoming holiday season with simply ingenious wordplay. So let your family and friends know what a pun pro you are and spread loads of laughter and Easter cheer.

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