Pancake Day Puns – The Best 12 Puns

With today’s Pancake day on February 25, 2020 all the crepe lovers can have fun with some Pancake day puns and jokes. It is known also as Shrove Tuesday and is the day in February or March immediately preceding Ash Wednesday. It is the first day of Lent celebrated in by consuming pancakes.

Top 3 Pancake Day Puns

  1. Pancake my eyes of You! by buytshirtdesigns.netPancake my eyes of you
  2. Nobody stacks up to you! Find on etsy.comNobody stacks up to you
  3. You’re flipping fantastic. by D CYou're flipping fantastic

A Pancake Day joke for grandmothers

Three moles lived in a hole outside of a house. One day, they smelled the people in the house cooking breakfast. The first mole starts sniffing and says, “I smell pancakes!” The second mole says, “I smell syrup!” The third mole is behind the other two, starts sniffing and says, “All I smell is mole asses!”

Pancake Joke about Englishman, Irishman and a Scotsman

sitting in a bar. Englishman raises his glass of ale and says “Here’s to my son George. We named him George because he was born on St Georges Day”.
The Scotsman raises his dram of whisky, “Here’s to my son Andrew, named as such because he was born on St Andrew’s Day”.
The Irishman raises his Guinness and exclaims “Feck me what a coincidence – it’s exactly the same for me and my son Pancake!”

Some short Pancake Day jokes

  • It’s pancake day already? That sure créped up fast.
  • Pancake Day … Has has really crêped up on me this year
  • To all you beautiful girls, Happy Valentine’s Day! To all your fat girls, chin up, it’s Pancake Day next week!
  • I’m fed up with all these pancake day puns… The next time I hear someone say one, I’ll batter them.
  • I combined National Pancake Day with International Women’s Day Took my wife to IHOP and ordered a stack of pancakes for myself, and 8/10ths of a stack for her.

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